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Scottish claymore Schwert DHBM-0101109400

Scottish claymore Schwert DHBM-0101109400

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Produktcode: DHBM-0101109400
Cottish claymore sword

The claymore is a two-handed sword which was used in Scotland during the
16th and 17th century.
There are a lot of terms and spellings used for this sword,
the most of them originate from Gaelic:
Claidhem-More, Claidhmhichean-mora, Glaymore, claidheamh mòr.
All of them just mean great sword.
It’s about a long two-handed sword with double-edged blade and a wide guard often
formed like a v with circular decorations at the end.
The former claymore swords often had a long leather wrapped ricasso.

The blade of this claymore has been hand-forged of carbon steel.
It contains the typical guard with shamrock-decorations.
The blade is forged in one piece to the hilt and screwed to it.
The wooden hilt is wrapped with black leather.

The blade is not sharpened.

- Blade length: approx. 91 cm
- Total length: approx. 122 cm
- Guard- width: approx. 21 cm
- Weight: approx. 1.85 kg