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Mittelalter Neck Violin DHBMULF-CP-37

Mittelalter Neck Violin DHBMULF-CP-37

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Produktcode: DHBMULF-CP-37
Medieval Shrews Fiddle/ Neck Violin

This replica of a medieval neck violin made of wood with hand-forged
iron fittings is a perfect prop for each medieval festival and knight?s dinner.

After the violin has been folded, the head and both wrists should be put
into the recesses and the violin be closed again.
The neck cuff can easily be closed by the screw in front of it and doesn?t
need a separate closing. In medieval the neck violin has been used for punishing
especially slighter offenses like squabbling or petty larceny.
The sentenced person was led through the streets with the violin around the neck and pilloried.
That means that the punishment mainly laid in public humiliation.

Material: Wood, hand-forged iron fittings
Length: approx. 77 cm
Max. Width: approx. 31.5 cm
Neckline diameter: approx. 16 cm
Hand section diameter: approx. 7 cm
Weight: approx. 2.3 kg