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Keltischer Knoten ring silber

Keltischer Knoten ring silber

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Produktcode: DHBM-1404013700 zilver

Silver Ring with Celtic Knot.

Celtic ring made of genuine 925 sterling silver.

Celtic knots symbolize the eternity of being. They have neither beginning nor end.

This ring is available in various sizes.

How to define ring sizes

In Germany, two different parameters are used: the inner diameter and the inner circumference.

Please note that you should imperatively determine your optimum ring size before each purchase!

Defining the inner diameter of rings:

The easiest way is to measure a well-fitting ring of yours by determining the diameter manually. In order to do so, just place the ring on a measuring tape or a ruler. Ideally, you own a calliper. The inner diameter in mm corresponds to your ring size.