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Mittelalter Einhander Schaukampf Schwert 15Jh.​

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Produktcode: HMP-2147

Mittelalter Einhander Schaukampf Schwert 15Jh.

One handed sword XV C.

One hand sword with hammered and tempered blade.

This is a very good fighting sword, well balanced and weighted.

Based more on combat experience than the guidance of history, although the cross and pommel are 'medieval'.

The parameters of the sword have been developed by nowadays knights.

For security reasons, the sword has no sharp edges, the handle has additional thickness of the handle to improve confidence.

Perfectly suited for tournament fights and battles.

blade width at cross 4 cm

grip length 10 cm

center of balance 9,5 cm

weight 1,3 kg

blade length 74 cm

total length 92 cm