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Mittelalter Anderthalbhänder Schaukampf Schwert 14Jh-15Jh.

Mittelalter Anderthalbhänder Schaukampf Schwert 14Jh-15Jh.

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Mittelalter Anderthalbhänder Schaukampf Schwert 14Jh-15Jh. 

Hand and a half sword, type XVII according to Oakeshotte's typology.

That type is mostly dated 1370-1420.

Very well balanced, fast and handy, was made more for thrusting than cutting.

Hammered and tempered blade. Made of high quality spring steel is dedicated for fighting: blunt one can be used by knights and fighters while a sharpened one is very good for a fencing.

The weight of a sword with sharpened blade is 1,6 kg.

Steel made cross and pommel (type T2).

Wooden hilt (with additional rings) is covered with leather which makes the grip very comfortable and steady.

weight 1,9 kg

blade width at cross 4,7 cm

center of balance 6 cm

pommel type T2

grip length 17 cm

length of cross 22 cm

blade length 91 cm

total length 117 cm