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13th.c.Topf DHBM-1974117600

13th.c.Topf DHBM-1974117600

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Produktcode: DHBM-1974117600
Medieval Cup Kraichgau, Clay.

This cup has been produced in long and complex procedures of handcraft in Germany and now shows an enjoyable contrast to many of the imported and machine-made products on the market.

The quality, the accuracy and the pleasure of manufacturing in traditional kind and in copying true to original, are visible and convincing.

Height: approx. 9 cm
Weight: approx. 200 g
Diameter, widest part: approx. 25 cm

Kraichgau ceramics, reconstruction 13th Century.

The earthenware of the early European medieval first showed marks of the artificial work after the period of the Roman Empire, but formed its own style at about the 8th Century (spherical forms).
Potters threw simple pots and hollow-ware for daily use and originated the design of domestic culture in medieval.

A kiln out of the 12th century witnesses the use of special clay (from the German region Rheinzabern) even after the Roman Empire.
Potters formed thin-walled and porous jars of short clay with light red to grey colors.

This cup has been handmade true to original on the potter’s wheel.
This is the only way to give the copy the incomparable spiritedness of the original.